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7690: Quebec: OAS Asked to Follow-up Situation in Haiti (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Leaders urge action to end political problems in Haiti

Quebec City, Canada, CANA - Leaders of the 34 western democracies 
who ended three days of talks here on Sunday have asked the head 
of the Organisation of American States to visit Haiti "in the near future" 
to seek an end to the current political impasse there. "We have asked 
the Secretary-General of the OAS, Cesar Gaviria, to work with 
CARICOM (the Caribbean Community) to hold consultations, to visit 
Port-au-Prince in the near future, to report his findings to the OAS 
before the next General Assembly, and to ensure adequate follow-up," 
Canada's Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, announced at the end of the 
Summit of the Americas. 

Haiti has been under pressure from the international community to get its 
house in order following controversial legislative and senate elections in 
May 2000 which gave the Lavalas Family Party of Jean Bertrand Aristide 
almost total control of the senate.