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7700: Haiti Today: Errata (fwd)

From: Marc Prou <Marc.Prou@umb.edu>

	Errata: For those of you who received our brochure and e-mail
announcements, we regret to announce that there was an error. The previous
year's brochure was sent out without the correction. This year our
literature instructor will be Joanne Hyppolite and not Edwidge Danticat.
Joanne Hyppolite is currently a PhD candidate with concentration in
African-American and Caribbean Literature.  She is the author of two
middle-grade novels for children: Seth and Samona, which won the 1994
Marguerite DeAngeli prize for New Children's Fiction and Ola Shakes it Up.
She is currently at work on an adult novel entitled Behind the Mountain.
Her fiction addresses the Haitian-American experience.  She is also the
president of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, a non-profit organization
that provides forums for Haiti's literary daughters to connect.