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7694: Re: 7668: Loup Garou -Dorce comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

Racine125@aol.com writes:

<< "She is a commercante and she used to have a big business, she used to do 
commerce and make money.  And she was always going to Houngans' houses, you 
know, to do things.  She had money, so she could pay Houngans.  She bothered 
one Houngan too much, and he made her a lougarou.  Now her commerce is down 
to nothing, all she can sell is little candies. >>
This is less a case that there are actual loup garous, than a case for, "if 
you live by the sword, you die by the sword".  Citing my husband the artist, 
he says that if you use Vodou for greed or to do harm, it will come back to 
bite you. Paying to get the lwa to serve you is like making bad karma.  I 
know this is the antithesis of what Racine is saying, but "the artist" is 
very clear about his religion and how it works for man; he has lived it his 
whole life, every day, every hour.  When he tells me something about Vodou, I 
believe him.  He lives a charmed life, and he attributes the lwa and his 
unblemished (pure of heart) service to them for his amazing talent and good 
fortune.  Also on the bokor subject, this is just blatent abuse of the Vodou 
religion.  Though it is common to use black magic for personal gain, it is 
never wise to do so and both the bokor and the supplicant will pay the price 
for it.  It may be convenient to say that Vodou does not use the same value 
system as Christianity, but it just isn't so.  Greed, avarice, murder, 
thievery and other "bad acts"......are all punishible by the lwa.  Houngans 
and Manbos cannot save you from that if they also participate in it.  All due 
respect to those on the list.

Kathy Dorce~