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7702: Corbett's back and asks a favor concerning the 1991-1994 embargo or so-called embargo

Folks, very sorry for the long disappearance.  Only 2 more weeks and
I'll be back on-campus and have access to e-mail in my apartment
so things will go back to daily e-mail.  I'm about to post a bunch

However, first I must ask a favor.  One of the students here in
Vienna is writing a paper in her international relations course
and I've suggested to her to write about Haiti.  She's looking at
the various issues concerning the embargo supposedly tried against
the de facto government between 1991 and 1994.

If any of you would be interested in talking with her by e-mail
or sharing your views with her she would very much appreciate it.

She is Ira Halvo and may be reach at:

 Ira Halvo <ira_halvo@hotmail.com>

Please just write her directly. 

Thanks,  Bob Corbett

Now -- to start the process of cathing up -- don't hold your breath,
there's lots a coming......