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7705: NGOs in Haiti (fwd)

From: "Kevin M. Cooke" <kcooke@fiam.net>

Dear Group,

    When I was in Port-au-Prince in February, I met with the Ministry of
Planning and External Cooperation to formalize relations with my non-profit
group.  During the meeting, the woman I spoke with told me that there are
over 270 NGOs registered with the government.  In typical fashion, there was
a list that I could look at but not copy.
    Does anyone have a copy of this list, or do you know of any way that I
could get the information?  My intent here is the organization of a meeting
or conference in Haiti with all of the NGOs and aid groups invited to
participate.  The focus would be on building working relationships and
maximizing efforts through shared resources.  I think that ANY sustainable
communication between the groups would be a big plus.
    Also,  I will be traveling to Madrasse, just west of Caracol, in July.
Will anyone be in the Cap Haitian - Caracol area between the 10th and 17th?
We could meet.

Kevin M. Cooke
Pure Water Haiti, Inc.
145B Brittany Manor Drive
Amherst, MA  01002