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7718: Nekita Responding to Manners (fwd)

From: Nlbo@aol.com


I am trying to respond from 7682 based on personal interactions with Anglos.

Haitians do not make direct eye contact. It is considered impolite and lack 
of respect.

When someone  knocks at the door, if you open it, invite the person to sit if 
he/she is someone you know. Don't talk with him with your door half closed( 
half opened). Offer  some coffee or something to drink. Expect "drop ins" 
when dealing with Haitians.

Do not look at your watch when talking with  Haitians.

Haitians talk with close proximity. Do not try  to move away when you are 
talking with someone. I have been in this country for almost 3 decades, I 
still feel offended when an american person moves away from me. 

If you  are having a party at your home, do not ask  haitian guests to bring 
anything unless it is a potluck that a group or an organization is having.  
If you are in Haiti, as far as I know, potluck is hardly heard of.

If you are having a party, expect that the people you invited will bring 
other friends and family members. They will ignore RSVP's or the number of 
people that are allowed to come.

Don't sell beverages in receptions. Haitians are not used with cash bar 
weddings or other receptions.

If you send a written invitation, or flyers, do not expect a response. Oral 
communication is still the norm in Haitian settings. Call a day or two if you 
want to  ascertain the person will come. I would even say call the same day 
for a  last check.

Do not expect a "Thank you" card or call from Haitians. Few Haitians express 
oral or written gratitudes.

There is a lot more. But that's all I can think of now.