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7735: Congressman Conyers

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Here's an anecdote that will give some of you an idea of how American
Congressman Conyers, who has a finger on the Haitian National Police, and
President Aristide, who needs no introduction, have decided we should live

A short while ago a Haitian was car-jacked. He was left standing alone on
airport road. He saw a Haitian policeman standing not a hundred yards away
and went and explained his predicament to the policeman. The policeman
him an address on Delmas Rd.  The car-jacking victim went to the address
knocked on the gate. The gate was opened, the victim introduced himself
was let inside. He was confronted with rows and rows of cars. Eventually
identified his own. He was told he could have it for twelve thousand
dollars. Stunned, he negotiated the price down to eight thousand Haitian
dollars. When he told the "car dealer" he would come with the money, "the
dealer" told him to take the money to the original policeman who gave him
address, pay that policeman, at which point he would receive a receipt and
with that receipt he could come pick up his car.
Richard Morse, live from Dodge City, waiting for Wyatt Earp