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7739: Loup Garou (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

Seems I recall a recent thread about Lougaroup, so I thought I would share this
message recently received from a Haitian who lives in the United States.

From: senou@yahoo.com

Open discussion

My friend "le mal existe" Do you believe in superstition?  If you answer no, you may
come from another planet. Today let try to tackle a subject that we have ignored for
quite some times: the role of voodoo and superstition in our life. Usually, the youth
may have no idea about it but your parents or grandparents, or extended family do
know. If your parents are lougaroup, sanpwel they can enroll you without your
knowledge or they can transfer it to you when they are going to die. Most young men
may never expose to it until they are over 30's or 40's; usually to help find a cure
for his son or daughter who might be sick because of persecution but young women
might expose early, looking for way to keepů. And without their knowledge they became
lougaroup. Our biggest dilemma is the denial of its existence. Over 60% of the
population practice voodoo, which is widespread. You may have no knowledge if your
parent is lougaroup or not, but those who are zealous do know. Some have tendency to
link that practice to peasant, not true, pastor, priest; churchgoers, atheist and so
on is practicing it. You might be surprise when you hear at "Sion" the testimony of
many so-called Christians, pastor and others who are using the church to continue
doing it. Take that advice from me, you've better trust a well-known lougaroup or
someone who practices voodoo with your kids than those who hide behind the church.