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7751: Re: 7718: Nekita Responding to Manners (fwd)

From: Philippe Charles <pcharles@us.ibm.com>

> If you  are having a party at your home, do not ask  haitian guests to
> anything unless it is a potluck that a group or an organization is
> If you are in Haiti, as far as I know, potluck is hardly heard of.

Yeah! It took me a long time to figure that one out too - that I was
expected to bring something when invited to a party in the states...
(I have also been here for 3 decades...)

In fact, when I was growing up in Haiti, when my parents went to a
party without us (children), not only did they not bring anything to
the party, they actually brought back a lot of goodies from the party.
(I presume that this behavior is/was probably common in a lot of families.)
In any case, I enjoyed that so much that I now do it myself sometimes.