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7760: RE: 7705: NGOs in Haiti (fwd)

From: anne.tremblay@dfait-maeci.gc.ca

Dear Kevin,

The NGO's network called Haitian American Voluntary Agency (HAVA) have a
book of all the registred NGO in Haiti. (PO Box 2481 Port-au-Prince). 

The Canadian cooperation have a project in Madras & Caracol. Moncton
University is in charge of  a food security project there: fishery,
vegetables, soil conservation, food processing. You could reach Kinvil Jean
at this email address: 110757.1451@compuserve.com  or if you are in Cap
Haitian: Partenariat Acadie Haïti, 14, Carénage. They are always looking for
partnership. By the way, what is the name of your NGO?

	Anne Tremblay
	Agente de programme
	Section de coopération
	Ambassade du Canada à Port-au-Prince
	* Téléphone: 	(509) 298-3050 Mitnet: 310-3460
	* Télécopie: 	(509) 298-3008 Mitnet: 310-3902
	* Courriel: 	anne.tremblay@dfait-maeci.gc.ca

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Date: 3 mai, 2001 16:32
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Objet: TR: 7705: NGOs in Haiti (fwd)

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De: Bob Corbett [mailto:corbetre@webster.edu] 
Date: 2 mai, 2001 13:58
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Objet: 7705: NGOs in Haiti (fwd)

From: "Kevin M. Cooke" <kcooke@fiam.net>

Dear Group,

    When I was in Port-au-Prince in February, I met with the Ministry of
Planning and External Cooperation to formalize relations with my non-profit
group.  During the meeting, the woman I spoke with told me that there are
over 270 NGOs registered with the government.  In typical fashion, there was
a list that I could look at but not copy.
    Does anyone have a copy of this list, or do you know of any way that I
could get the information?  My intent here is the organization of a meeting
or conference in Haiti with all of the NGOs and aid groups invited to
participate.  The focus would be on building working relationships and
maximizing efforts through shared resources.  I think that ANY sustainable
communication between the groups would be a big plus.
    Also,  I will be traveling to Madrasse, just west of Caracol, in July.
Will anyone be in the Cap Haitian - Caracol area between the 10th and 17th?
We could meet.

Kevin M. Cooke
Pure Water Haiti, Inc.
145B Brittany Manor Drive
Amherst, MA  01002