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7763: Re: 7740: Re: KWG Mining Interests in Haiti (#7724) (fwd)

From: "Lawrence A. Harper Sr." <lawrencesr@yahoo.com>

Oh boo, hoo, hoo...some 1 is exploting Haiti's
resources....first...what are YOU doing 2 put people 2
work in Haiti or generate hard currency?

Haiti is not able 2 help itself...if Haiti wants help
it will come @ a cost...this is not the 60's 'we r the
world', peace & luv fest...this is the real world
where people want 2 make money & generate profit...

While there r exemplary people like Bob Corbett who
can help a few people @ a time...unless we all help a
few people @ a time...then business will come in &
help fill the void...I am all 4 business doing what it
does, while we all sit around & pontificate about what
an imperfect world we reside.

2nd...I am more supcuious of this mining promo...there
was a stock scam out of Toronto a few years ago
alledgeing this same type of mining...

Lawrence A. Harper, Sr.

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