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7766: Re: KWG Mining Interests in Haiti (#7724) (fwd)

From: jeancharles6@ftnetwork.com

Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net> wrote: 
> KWG Resources Inc. is a mining exploration company with 
> mining properties mainly in Brazil, Canada and Haiti. 

and amedard@gte.net wrote: 
> ... foreign companies taking advantage Haiti's 
> natural resources. ... EXPLOITATION.

KWG and partners suspended activities in Haiti after 1997, ostensibly because of civil unrest and confrontation with 'peasants' armed with assault weapons.  More likely these were Macoutes hired by operators of small-scale illegal gold mines (non-permitted small pits).  The Geneva based International Labour Office estimated such mines in Haiti at approximately 4500 in 1999.  Such mines are considered troublesome because of the poor working conditions, lack of attention to safety in operations, low wages and general failure of operators to engage in any environmental remediation activities. 

The gold deposits of Haiti are well understood in the geologic literature and are of comparatively low grade.  With current low world gold prices and the political climate in Haiti, it is unlikely that KWG or other foreign interests will actively pursue resource development such as gold mining in Haiti in the near future.  We can expect illegal pit operations to continue since the low wages paid by these operators are consistent with low gold prices. 

Jean Charles

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