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7811: Re: 7785: The Gourde, or, Money in Haiti (fwd)

From: Philippe Charles <pcharles@us.ibm.com>

David wrote:

> I recently discovered that one US penny, one cent of a US dollar, is
> still considered
> to be worth 5 centimes, instead of the 24 centimes that the market rate
> has determined.
> It is called 'senk kob'. Has anyone else heard this?
> There is a business opportunity awaiting! Buy up pennies at 20 to the
> gourde!
> That would be, lesse, 24 times 25 equals, what? 600 pennies to a dollar?
> My math must be wrong.

I think the math is slightly wrong: 20 pennies per gourde; 24 gourdes per
US dollar;
that gives us 20  times 24 = 480 pennies. Indeed, an amazing instant return
of 380%.