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7824: Re: 7775: Morse replies to Grey (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< Dear Kathy Grey,
 I cringe at the thought of arguing with you>>


I love you, Richard, I would never beat you up verbally - not that I could!  

 <<but just because your approach to vodou is an option, it doesn't exclude 
Ms Dorce's husband's approach. I remember a little street kid telling me (and 
i mentioned this once before) "si ou te achte lwa w, ou tap mourri sou 
cha'a": rough translation, "If you had bought your spirits, you would have 
died on that float." >>

True enough that people can choose to behave morally within the Vodou 
tradition, although the tradition itself does not enjoin moral behavior!  I 
make this choice in certain situations, one of which I am dealing with right 
now.  I have a client who wants her man back, and even though my card reading 
indicated that she is never going to have him back, she still wants me to 
work for her and is willing to pay.  Most Haitian Houngans and Mambos would 
take her money.  I won't.  But that choice is a personal one which is not 
mandated by the Vodou tradition.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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