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7832: Re: 7786: Primary School Texts in Kreyol (fwd)

From: Marc Christophe <mactof@erols.com>

From: Barbara Page <pageclan@email.msn.com>

I am still meditating upon my recent trip to O'Kap, Milot and Pignon 
weeks ago.  I loved all of the wonderful people I met -- especially 
students who gave up their Easter holiday to study English with me in 
at the Evangelical Free Church there.

The church wants to begin Primary classes in the fall.  Where does one
purchase primary level school texts in Kreyol or French?

Barbara Page
First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport

-Reply from Marc Christophe:

Hi Barbara, 

Try Maison Henri Deschamps in Port-au-Prince
or in the US try Educa Vision Inc:  educa@aol.com;  ww.educavision.com
Phone:  800-883 3822