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7855: Off 7824 (fwd)

From: Msiekolo@aol.com

Mambo Racine sans Bout wrote :
       a client who wants her man back, and even though my card reading 
indicated that she is never going to have him back, she still wants me to 
work for her and is willing to pay. Most Haitian Houngans and Mambos 
would  take her money.  I won' t.
        I am wondering !!  Sounds so different of what I have learned

Question 1 : Are you reading the cards on your own or are you mounted  
by some spirits in so doing ?
Question 2 :  In case that you "possessed" by the Loas, are you in charge 
of the work and the billing to the exclusion of  the Loas ?  

                  Misye Kolo