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7842: Re: 7810: Ayiti Quisqueya Boyo (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <postmaster@lyalls.net>

>I have discussed the issue with some dominicans and the reason they 
>me is that "Ayiti" only refers to the western part of the island 
>One more important issue is that why is the island still refers to as
>It is time that the name of the island be referred to using its 
>Dominicans will not agree on "Ayiti" so the island of Quisqueya suits 

When the people of what is now the DR declared their intention to 
from the Spanish Empire they called their new country "Spanish Hayti" 
asked for recognition and support from the Republik de Hayti. Their 
was invasion on the pretext that the emperor of spain had ceded the 
island to the king of france and that therefor the republik owned the 
island and all of its inhabitants.

Pres au Vie Boyer decided upon this crime. Upon the collapse of
the regime(s) of Boyer the haitian security apparat fell into decay and 
spanish/dominicans staged a basically bloodless revolution against the
occupying forces of the republik. They went home as I understand it.

Emperor Solouque invaded again when he took over. The indegenous army
of the republik/empire was apparently not magnanimous, neither in 
nor in defeat ( under Solouque ).

This offensive reasoning of people as property allocated by the emperors 
of the past,
and the crimes of Boyer/Solouque, is behind all the bad feelings 
between the spanish and kreyol/french inhabitants of 
today and for the past 1.7 centuries.

Resist the so called Quantum Mechanics.
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