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7860: S.O.S. Haiti, Community and Solidarity : in New York

From: karioka9@cs.com

Corbetters in New York are invited to tune in to my low-tech but commercial-free TV show, "S.O.S. Haiti," broadcast on public access TV stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The show is aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (channel 34) the second Saturday of every month at 6:30 p.m., and on Brooklyn Community Access TV (channel 56/69) every Friday evening at 7:30.  

This week, I interview the leftwing journalist and radio commentator Daniel Huttinot, whose sharp and uncompromising criticism of Aristide's government (and the opposition) will have Lavalas apologists screeching for blood.  Mr. Huttinot discusses the so-called negotiations in Port-au-Prince and the case of the Rara flag burning in the Dominican Republic.  The flag burning incident did not actually happen but it had everybody, President Aristide included, condemning and calling for the deportation of the alleged culprits (Haitians, needless to say). Mr. Huttinot returned last week from a regional conference in the Dominican Republic.

This week's show is in Creole, but other segments are in English  (which language is used depends on the guest and the topic of discussion).  If you miss the interview with Daniel Huttinot this Saturday in Manhattan, you can still watch it the following Friday on the Brooklyn stations.  So, happy viewing and don't neglect to send me your comments.

Daniel Simidor