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7872: Re: 7824: Re: 7775: Morse replies to Grey (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

In regards to this post, I am taking the liberty to join here with an 
invitation to Manbo Racine.

Please read again this comment of yours on that very religion you didn't 
make up:

"...True enough that people can choose to behave morally within the Vodou 
tradition, although the tradition itself does not enjoin moral behavior! // 
I make this choice in certain situations, one of which I am dealing with 
right now..."


Are you talking about the Vodou tradition? Oh, Manbo Racine, you must be 
kidding! But seriously, such comment is choking, and coming from you, it's 
surprisingly disconcerting! How can you acknowledge religion without moral? 
How can you speak of faith without behavior.  How can you so deliberately 
dissociate the body (moral) from the soul itself(Vodou).  Yet, I know for 
sure that your intent is not to zombify but remember, you said it yourself, 
you "have not made up this religion, you found it the way it is."  So why 
not be cautious when speaking of it? Wouldn't you agree with me that the lwa 
themselves have a moral behavior, if not an essence principally made up of 

With all due respect, I strongly disagree with this comment of yours.  Even 
if we were to very subjectively contextualize it or to re-invent a new 
definition for moral behavior, the thruth of your comment would hardly be 
able to be found in the world of Vodou in general, and in Haitian Vodou 


Roody Barthèlemy
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