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7870: Meringue (fwd)

From: patrick sylvain <sylvaipa@hotmail.com>

Hi Patrick,

...As for Meringue, it is an old haitian style of music that preceded
the Compas direct of Nemours Jean-Baptiste and Webert Sicot of the late 40s 
and 50s. Compas came of age in the late 60s/early 70s with Tabou Combo, 
Difficile de Pétion-Ville, Les Gypsies, Les Shleu-Shleu and others. Now our 
Meringue(20s-40s) was adopted, crafted and perfectioned by the DR into a 
sound that we can consider theirs. The zouk rhythm also came from our 
compas, except that with Kassav and other groups, they worked/enhanced 
music. The same is the case for Soukous. At one point, the late 60s and 
early 70s, Coupé Cloué was the favorite artist in west Africa (Zaire, 
Senegal...).  With poverty and political strife the creative-epicenter of 
the country became static and those abroad produce or re-produce base on 
memory(ies) but not a vision. Thus, musically Haiti is not at all well 
represented from the International music scene.  ...That is a subject for a 

Meringue: 1920-40s; G. Durosier, G.French, Guillaume, Dessalines

Compas Direct: Jazz des Jeunes, Nemours Jn-Baptiste, W. Sicot

Compas: Tabou, Gypsies, Difficile, Shleu-Shleu, Scorpio, Bossa Combo

Compas Int'l: Tabou Combo, Accolade de NY, System Band (Frères de Jean)

Compas Mamba: Coupé Cloué

Nouvèl Jenerasyon (Compas): Zin, Phantoms, D-zine, T-vice, Sweet-Mickey

Mizik Rasin(1978- ): Boukman Eksperyans, Boukan Ginen, Koudjay, Kanpèch

I hope I've been helpful,


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