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7866: 7786: primary school books (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

There are many primary level books in Creole.  The sources are varied and 
sometimes you need to work hard to get them.        In my opinion the most 
educationally sound may be theare the hardest to get.
1) you get a sample copy of each of the ones made by the Miami-Dade County 
Public Schools and you make your photocopies.  They won't sell multiples 
copies to you.  Speak to Nancy Guerrier or Michaelle Vincent.
2) There are some American Companies that have tried publishing reading 
materials in Creole.  The most attractive is by the famous linguist and 
educator Dr.Yves Dejean.  That company is called Spanpress and they have a 
3)Another company called Hampton-Brown has a creole picture dictionnary and 
six little books with matching big books.  Those books have illustrations 
that show international looking children, not black.
4)There is a new group of 20 little books called Karamel, that are very 
attractive.  I am not sure if Karamel is the editing compay.  The also have a 
book of more advanced readings by Maud Fontus. 
5)Educavision.com in Florida has improved it's choice of story books for 
beginners considerably.  They are worth buying although often apparently 
In Haiti the main places to get books in Creole are:
6) Librairie Henri Deschamps:  They don't usually have their Creole books on 
the shelves so you should ask for a catalog to know what is helpful..  When 
you ask for Creole books and they are fairly unhelpful at the counters.
7) Bon Nouvel on rue Pavee, publishes books made by Caritas in Hinche.  Some 
are pretty good, some are very traditional in their approach.
Two places that have bilingual (French and Creole) books as well as Creole 
only books:
8) The Methodist Church in Delmas 95  (also known as Jacquet)  has its own 
publishing service at the Centre Pedagogique Rural  de Freres.
9)Centre Universitaire Caraibe (CUC) on Delmas 29 publishes it's own books 
for children.  Jocelyne Levy-Trouillot is in charge.  You may be able to 
order her stuff in the US too.  
Also in New York there is Haitiana Publications in Queens.  She can usually 
provide you with the books from Deschamps but you are better off buying in