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7881: Question from non-list member (fwd)

From: Merrie Archer <MArcher@nchr.org>

Please reply directly to chalmerclark@yahoo.com if you have any information.


From: Chalmer Clark [mailto:chalmerclark@yahoo.com]

Good Afternoon,

My name is Chalmer Clark and I represent a soon-to-be
nonprofit organization that is going to deal with
World Poverty.  We are going to be based in the United
States, with a starting staff of about 30 volunteers. 
Our goal is a simple one…. To raise, airlift, and
distribute 3 tons of food to a country every 8 to 12
months.  The individuals I work with, along with
myself, would like to start with the country of Haiti.
 Do you feel it is feasible to get permission from the
Haitian Government to allow the food to be airlifted
in and for our people to distribute it?  Also, any
information you can provide us about the conditions in
Haiti, where the help is needed the most or any other
information you deemed important would be greatly
helpful.  Thank you in advance for your time and help.
 We hope to be working with you closely on making this
aid available to the people of Haiti.

Best of Regards,

Chalmer Clark

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