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7895: Re: 7813: Morse responds to money (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

> None of this
> talk about Haitian money is worth a nickel until we
> started attracting
> U.S.
> green into the economy (for instance tourism, not
> cocaine)and we start
> exporting something "Made in Haiti". 

If Mr. Morse is right about the futility of this talk,
he falls short by thinking that an injection of the US
green via tourism and export is the way to go to
strengthen the Ayitian currency, the "Gourde". 

However, don't get me wrong; in fact they are a way of
bringing in hard currencies, but a very temporary one.
They lack what it takes to make an economy
sustainable, a point at which its currency will gain

The weaknesses of tourism and export lie in the fact
that they are seasonal and depend greatly on the
caprice of the international market. A country like
Ayiti ought to avoid at all costs this kind of
strategy to back its currency.

The "gourde" will only draw strength from a healthy
internal market which in turn is driven by a processus
of transformation or production of the local wealth
for the local market. A strong internal market is
characterized by a sectorial interdependence based on
the use of local resources. Everything else should
revolve around this state of things.

Briefly, the focus ought to be on production for the
local market. Engaging all sectors of the economy in
such a transformation process for consumer goods will
trigger the income generator and lunch Ayiti's
technological development. 

We should not be content with a quick fix and think
that Ayiti's financial crisis will be resolved.
Patience, objectivity and rationality are the best
tools to equip Ayitian authorities with to resolve a
problem of such a caliber. 

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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