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7906: SUMMER READING (fwd)

From: YLamour@aol.com


here is a summer reading list i'd like to start ...
please feel free to add more titles at your convenience:

1. At the End of the Day. Morency, Yves (1999)

a collection of poems in english by a
haitian physician ... if you enjoy literary works
by haitian-born authors, written in other languages
and permeated by deep-rooted creole structures
and overtones, you ought to read At the End of the Day ...

said a literary critic, " dr. morency expresses his feeling
with  deceptive ease 
and bears his soul in the refreshing simplicity of his poetry." ...

contact yves morency via YveYvs@netscape.net 
for your copy of the book ...

please continue to extend the list ... also, remember to select
light materials ... write an annotation denoting the essence of
the suggested reading ...