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7912: Haiti: May 18, 1803 - May 18, 2001 (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

May 18, 1803, - May 18, 2001  
Why May 18, 1803 is so significant in our history? On
that date our founding fathers had unified themselves.
They had agreed on a flag and subsequently gave us
independence. Today, we are facing our biggest
challenge and it will take another union to salvage
what we have left and return the country to normalcy.
My fellow brothers and sisters, our ancestors had
stunned the world for being the first unified forced
to put into question the slavery system. We are the
first nation to abolish it and we do so with honor,
pride and dignity. What make us unique, we are the
only citizens in the earth to fight to free other
colonized countries and subsequently abolished slavery
in our path? We had helped Simon Bolivar to free most
countries in Latin America; we had abolished slavery
in the Dominican Republic. Today, I call you the
citizen of HOPE; the people of Haiti will rise again
and make a statement that will stun the world one more
times. Now, you are asking how to get out from this
catastrophic situation? Our founding fathers had
answered that question 198 years ago.  Today, let’s
reiterate that union, we don’t have to imitate
anything from outside.  In this special occasion, I
would like you to let go “Rancune, orgueil” and get
together to find a political compromise. Let see the
country first like our founding fathers. Let put aside
any animosity, let join hands and together we can help
the country.   I strongly believe that we Haitians can
sit together and settle down our indifferences.  We
have many points that unified us, we speak a common
language, which is Creole, and we have the same
culture. We are the corner stone of Africa-American
and European culture. I still believe that you can
reiterate once again what your grandparents had done
198 years ago. 


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