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7932: Good list news: Corbett's back on campus

Okay, folks, you got a ton of messages in two days, but I am
totally and completely caught up.  I moved back into Webster
University dorm today here in Vienna.  Not a great thing.  This
is one very very tiny apartment, but we'll survive.  We do
each have a direct connection to the web here in the room and both
my partner and I have a computer.  This will enable me to not only
keep up with list messages on a daily basis now, but also to
get a few things posted on the web now and again -- at least I hope

Sorry for all the delays of the past 8 weeks, but for the next
8 weeks we are going to be in better shape.  After that, well
things might get difficult for the mid-summer.  My partner and
I may well be traveling somewhere in eastern Europe and not
even have computer access for a while.  More about that in
several weeks.

Thanks for you patience in the past 8 weeks.  But, oh my,
did we live it up in a simply luxurious apartment right in the
heart of Old Vienna, with a view out our living room window to
the great cathedral of St. Stephen's and out our bedroom
window to the Hofberg, the imperial palace of the Habsburgs.
It was only one block away.  It was a great 8 weeks!!!

Best,  Bob