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7935: Re: 7870: Meringue (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

Keywords: Music, Compas Direct, Cadence Rampa, Nemours, Sicot, Meringue. 

I would like to add a "parenthese" of sort to the note from Patrick Sylvain 
about meringue/compas. 

Weber Sicot did not play any Compas, direct or otherwise. He baptized his 
melodious music and rhythm Cadence Rampa. 

Jazz Des Jeunes' music did not sound at all like any compas and was never 
called  nor confused with Compas Direct. It was called Petro or something 
like that. Ask some of the older Haitians at any Haitian barber shop for the 
correct name of the sound of Jazz Des Jeunes' music; I guarantee you it will 
not be Compas Direct. 

I had to smile while reading Patrick's claim that "Compas came of age in the 
late 60s/early 70s with Tabou Combo, Difficile de Pétion-Ville, Les Gypsies, 
Les Shleu-Shleu and others." 

While those listed musical groups have their merit none can give life to 
Compas (much less helping compas to come of age)  as "The Super Ensemble 
Nemours Jean-Baptiste" did with compositions like Boule Malatchon, Les Trois 
Dangers, Rouge et blanc, Sainte Cecile, Ti Jocelyne, Mireille, Ti Carole, 
Reskyer, Immortel Compas, Kanaval Energetic, La Joie De Vivre, etc, etc.. 
(not to forget "8 Avril" composed by Nemours to celebrate the soccer match 
between Compas Direct and Cadence Rampa; score 1-1; game adjourned due to 

In my opinion, Compas Direct reached its highest peak when during the '60s, 
Weber Sicot came up with his Cadence Rampa and the polemic between Cadence 
and Compas was on with each of those two groups trying to surpass the other 
with practically a new composition seemingly each week.