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7941: Re: 7882: Re: 7837: Re: 7785: The Gourde, or, Money in Haiti , (fwd)

From: StiddemDavid@aol.com

<< I am always fighting with shopkeepers and business
 people in general in Haiti when I ask them to quote a
 price in gourdes. In fact, I make it a point to force
 them to do the (relatively simple) conversion from H$
 to gourdes because I refuse to have to do it myself.
 Try finding the right mix of bills and coins for
 H$5.38. >>
I agree businesses in Haiti should stick with the goud.  I recently bought a 
cell phone service in Port-au-Prince.  The quoted price was about 200 
dollars.  Being in Haiti, I assumed they meant the Haitian dollar, so I was 
prepared to pay 1000 goud or so.  Was I ever shocked to get the bill of about 
4500 goud.  I scolded the salesperson for misleading me by quoting a price in 
US dollars.  Se ayiti nou ye.