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7945: Re: 7914: Copyright law (?) (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Can someone enlighten me on copyright law in Haiti?
Haiti adheres to the international copyright law.
There is a time when someone else work can become
public domain like in the US, France and many other
countries.  Lately, you have seen the Napster's case
in which it was impossible for that company to win. A
win for that company could have put in jeopardy any
copyrighted materials. It is unfortunate that some
folks have the perception that we do not adhere to
international law, some may choose not to respect it
like folks in most countries. I want you writers and
readers to be objective, and when talking about
someone else country to respect certain rules.
Anything you cannot back up with facts not he/she
said, please don't. I have seen so many critics, I
wonder if a real Haitian will have the heart to reduce
his/her country at this level. One may be for or
against the current or former government, but it is
not a reason to diminish your country. If you violate
the copyright law in Haiti, you could be prosecuted to
the full extend of the law like in the US. A few weeks
ago Microsoft was pursuing a firm in south Florida for
copying illegally its Office. When dealing with
someone else country, you have to be careful.