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7954: Re: 7878: Racine's version of Vodou-Dorce comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 05/15/2001 4:50:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< If he is not a Houngan and he is not kanzo, he does not speak for the 
 Vodou religion.  It's like pointing at an individual Italian Roman Catholic 
 potato farmer and using his utterances as an authoritative statement on 
 Catholic theology, because he comes from a long line of Roman Catholics. >>
Is there such thing as an Italian Roman Catholic potato farmer?  No matter, I 
get your slur.  My husband is not uttering anything nor is he pretending to 
speak for the Haitian Vodou religion as you are.  He knows what he knows.  
The tradition in Haiti is to pass on the lwa from generation to generation.  
That is the way.  He doesn't post his authority on any newsgroup or listserv, 
nor does he proselytize or advise anyone for money.  On rare occasions he may 
give some advise to someone who asks him, but it is casual and not in depth 
advice.  He simply lives in the knowledge of his religion.  He expresses 
great happiness, comfort and fulfillment from his belief in Vodou.  When I 
read something that sounds contrary to what I know about Vodou, I confer with 
him to make sure I am not offended for no reason.  He usually corroborates my 
suspicions.  He would never respond to anything you write, but I would, since 
I have no Haitian common sense.  
LOL!  You say stuff like this and then you accuse *me* of disrespect?  
Houngans and Mambos are professionals, we combine the roles of clergy and 
doctor and counselor and cultural worker, and we deserve to make money, why 
I don't disrespect all Oungans and Manbos, most of them practice what they 
know quietly and with respect for others.  I am saying that is not the only 
way to serve the lwa.  There are good and bad clergy in all religions.  
In addition to paying drummers and buying sacrificial animals for ceremonies 
we hold, 
You will no doubt be thrilled to know that the Artist doesn't believe in live 
sacrifice either...;).  There are many ways to serve the lwa....;)  He does 
offer food and drink, of course, but no killing in a ceremonial way.  
You would put your husbands "knowledge" up against anyone's, based on... your 
experience as a consecrated member of the Vodou clergy?  A Mambo asogwe?  A 
hounsi kanzo?  Your years of service in a peristyle?
Based on my readings about Vodou (I started studying in 1980.  The first book 
I read was Maya Deren's The Divine Horsemen), my observations and 
conversations with Haitians who made me feel welcome and who were generous 
with their knowledge about Vodou and my spiritual instincts and intuition.  
Basically Racine, I am not  talking to you to try to get you to see another 
way.  I am offering another perspective to those on this list who might be 
interested.  You, of course will continue to believe the way you do and 
practice the way you do.  I wish you the peace and love you wish others. 

I hope anyone who wishes to know more will go to the library and start 
studying the different writings on the subject.  There are good and bad books 
about Vodou too!  So beware.

Kathy Dorce~