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7959: videotapes of Haiti Emergency Working Conference available (fwd)

From: Stuart M Leiderman <leidermn@cisunix.unh.edu>

Dear Group:  Last weekend, May 11-12, I attended and recorded the
extraordinary emergency working conference on Haiti organized by the
University of Massachusetts-Boston, the Haitian Studies Association and
Haiti Support Project.

Honored speakers and guests were:

	U.S. Congressmen John Conyers, Jr. and William Delahunt;
	U.S. State Department Haiti Desk Officer Patrick Murphy;
	Haitian Minister Leslie Voltaire;
	OPL/Convergence members Father Jean Freud and Irvelt Chery;
	Ron Daniels, Haiti Support Project;
	Marc Prou, Haitian Studies Association;
	Jemadari Kamara, Africana Studies Department, U.Mass.;
	Valerie Michaud, Haitian American Ministries;
	Wayne Thompson, Oklahoma Health Care Project;
	Randolph Voward, Haitian Development Bank; and
	Frederick Kwoba, Direct Expatriate Nationals Investment program.

The presentations, questions and answers were frank and comprehensive;
probably an historic event.

There are 8+ hours of recording on five VHS cassettes; the picture quality
is good and the sound quality excellent.  For a set, including printed
conference packet and shipping, send US$100 to Stuart Leiderman, P.O. Box
382, Durham, New Hampshire 03824 USA; add US$20 for shipping outside U.S.

I'd be happy to hear from anyone who can provide provide lower-cost
reproduction and mass distribution.

Thank you,

Stuart Leiderman