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7955: Re:7953 Re 7921 Haitian $ (fwd) Hudicourt replies

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

Responding to:
From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

I am sorry, but the statement below just p*****ed me

> From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com
> The Haitian dollar is hard to get rid of because it
> is hard for people to 
> deal with the large numbers that the gourde
> requires.
I was not expressing an opinion on the use of Haitian dollars.  I agree that 
there is no such thing as a Haitian dollar.  I also wish the confusion on the 
price of consumer goods did not exist.  Some business groups have made their 
own decisions on the matter.  For example, you will find that Hotels state 
their prices in either Gourdes or US dollars. Newer gas stations tend to post 
their prices in gourdes. I just want to say that when left to their own 
devices human beings will go for ease of performance including in 
mathematical calculations.  What is a total puzzle for visiting diasporas and 
tourist is a convenience for many.  In addition, most business people do not 
want clarity in their accounting systems because they do not want to pay 
their share of taxes.  So perpetuating confusion will let them rewrite their 
books several times....
There is also no such thing as a Haitian government because no one takes care 
of anything that has to do with the common good.  If there was a Haitian 
government there would be policies protecting the consummer so that prices 
would clearly marked in a non-imaginary currency.  Government in Haiti is an 
imaginary concept whose existence is justified to deal with other government 
and give economic advantage to a few selected or elected citizen.  It has 
nothing to do with the concept of government elsewhere just like the Haitian 
dollar has nothing to do with the concept of currency elsewhere.
We are a very special people in that sense.