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7967: Re: 7963: Re: religious expertise -Dorce replies (fwd)

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<< Paying a priest or pastor for services will not get you into Heaven, only 
 your personal relationship with God will do that, and one way to serve God 
 is through sacrifice.
 Therefore I do not understand how, especially in comparison to Catholicism, 
 paying a Hougan or Bokor in Vodou religion could be percieved as "paying" 
 the lwas. The Lwas don't need money, but the hougan has to earn a living...
 Pardon me if I am being ignorant, but I really don't understand the basis 
 for the argument. >>
I agree with you 100% about money not buying a ticket to heaven but that 
admonition is not apparent in the Catholic church either, as it is one of the 
wealthiest entities in the world.  Please do not get me started because I 
will certainly anger all the devout Catholics on this list.  Suffice to say, 
the argument goes for all organized religions who manipulate their 
vulnerable, needy parishioners into giving their monies to the church.  The 
Third World, including Haiti, is full of Catholic churches that not only 
soothe the pain and suffering of the poor by offering paradise in the 
hereafter , but offer it while holding the plate out as though the two were 
related.  Jim Bakker served time in prison for bilking poor souls, looking 
for salvation, out of their life savings.  (I know he's not Catholic but same 

In all fairness to Manbo Racine, my husband (as well as myself) also has 
expressed disdain for the Catholic church in Haiti for the same reason as he 
has for Vodou clergy.  If money is the focus, it taints the spirituality.  
Paying for services rendered is understandable and proper but to say that 
without paying, the supplicant will not receive his reward, that is something 
else.  The argument remains.  And to clarify, my problem with Manbo Racine is 
not with her practices and beliefs but with her attitude.  It is a matter of 
respect.  If people get what they need, and are happy to pay, who am I to 
argue?  Those who find their own paths to God and the lwa, are no less devout 
and deserve respect.

For all those who are now offended at my opinion of their religion, I truly 
am sorry.  But be assured, if I am wrong about paying your way into heaven, 
you won't see me there...;)

Kathy Dorce~