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7973: Prices in $ HT (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <postmaster@lyalls.net>

>  Some business groups have made their 
>own decisions on the matter.  For example, you will find that Hotels 
>their prices in either Gourdes or US dollars. Newer gas stations tend 
to post 
>their prices in gourdes.

The last three hotels which I stayed in were priced 60 $ht, 40 $ht and 
40 $ht.
That phrasing, "$ht" is seen in writing at times. Mostly tho, the price 
is simply
spoken, 'dollar' and everyone knows what it means.

This obsession to destroy mention of "haitian dollar" was, I thought,
confined to resident French blans. I see that I am wrong.

>  If there was a Haitian 
>government there would be policies protecting the consummer so that 
>would clearly marked in a non-imaginary currency.

Now this is a good point. My last departure from Cap Haitian 
International was
marred by the good government employees collecting departure tax.
The departure tax was listed as $30 and $2 instead of $30 and 10 
( I think its $30 US. Something like that )
They charged me 32 US dollars and I put up a stink. They refused to give 
the correct change until I demanded to talk to the Directeur. Then they
refused to make change for gourdes, altho they had plenty of US dollars
to make change.

This corruption by people with good paying do nothing jobs pisses me 

Resist the so called Quantum Mechanics.
God DOES NOT play dice
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