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7977: Massacre of Cazales in 1969 (fwd)

From: Casey Zachary <caseysmilesalot@hotmail.com>

Dear Mr. Corbett,

I have been on your mailing list for quite some time now and this is the 
first time I have ever written to anyone on the list. I really appreciate 
all he information that is provided in the e-mails that are distributed 
through this mailing list. I am very grateful for all you do and the rest of 
the people that are a part of you mailing do for the people of Haiti. I am a 
22 year old who grew up in Haiti a my parents were and still remain 
missionaries. I am currently studying in the US and plan to return to Haiti 
because, what can I say, Haitians are the coolest people on earth. Anyway, 
the reason for my e-mail is this. My family works in Cazales, which is a 
village about 11km off Route Nationale near Cabaret or Duvalierville. I was 
attempting to research something that I heard about concerning a massacre in 
Cazales in 1969. In my attempts to locate information on it, your name 
repeatedly came up as an historian. I never found anything concrete and I 
was wondering if you or anyone on your e-mail list could help me out. I just 
want to better understand the history of Cazales and the people there. There 
are too many ignorant missionaries in Haiti and I do not want to be one of 
them. I want to attempt to truly understand and engage the culture.


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