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7992: Re: 7984: Advice sought (fwd)

From: Anez14u@aol.com

If such a group starts I would like to be kept informed.  I brought a child 
with an induced illness home with me 4 years ago and learned once I had him 
here that he would only be made ill again if he were to be returned to his 
environment.  With the blessings (and pleadings) of his parents and hundreds 
of hours of forms and contributed legal work, have only just very recently 
succeeded in getting his final adoption through the courts.  I am told by a 
University legal clinic who have helped keep INS at bay, that I must now wait 
two more years before he can be issued a green card.  I want and am still 
actively pursueing citizenship for him and am desperately in need of any 
advice I can get.