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8002: Haiti: Common sense will prevail (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

I heard lately conflicting information about the
ongoing negotiation in Haiti. Some had said that Haiti
must resolve this crisis before the OAS meeting. I
believe hundred of OAS meetings had been held over
Haiti's case and nothing has been done. Currently, the
temper among various sectors is too high; there is no
need to call for a dialogue. A cool down period is
required. I don't believe the Haitian crisis is
originated after the May election. Let approach the
problem in a pragmatic way and put it into
perspective; let me remind you that over 65% of
Haitian people are illiterate but they are not idiot.
They have to take part also in what is going on today,
their voice must be heard as well. 
	We have tendency to be arrogant with those who cannot
help themselves, many times people put the blame on
culture; get real; this has to do with your education.
Imagine having 25 children Black, White, Hispanic,
poor, rich, middle (NB: Children are never poor)
together in a large recreation place, they will play
together without any regard for races or classes, it
is you adult who teach your children not be with
certain kind of people. Our political turmoil is link
to our lack of education and a rising in poverty. (
Vant vid pa kanpé); it is unfortunate that personal
interest prevents us from attacking these two
immediate problems. Do you believe OAS or UN care
about educating our citizen? Unless you believe "nan
papa nwel" if they don't want to assist financially
the current Haitian government why they don't assist
directly the poor people via Red Cross and
humanitarian services? I urge Haitians from heart (it
can American, Canadian or any other foreigner,
sometime you might see a foreigner more Haitian than
Haitian; This world has lot of good people; I saw
American learning Creole to help our boat people while
some Haitians ignore them, anpil nan yo kanpe kote dlo
a pi fre) to assist their fellow countrymen and women
who are living a tough life back home. Hopefully,
these folks can reach a compromise solution, which
will be in the interest of the country. 


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