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8015: Discussion of "Papa Toussaint" Corbett suggests review

From: Barbara Christophe <bschristo@hotmail.com>

The Haitian Institute's book reading group will meet on Sunday, May 27 at 
Barnes and Noble Bookstore (12089 Rockville Pike - in the Montrose Crossing 
Shopping Center) at 4:00 p.m.  The group will be discussing "Papa Toussaint" 
by C. Richard Gillespie.  Mr. Gillespie will be on hand to lead the 
discussion and to answer questions.

Everyone is welcome (even if you haven't read the book!)and we look forward 
to seeing you there!!

Corbett interjects:  If you can't get the book read by the time of the
meeting at least read my short review, it will give you some insight
into what's in the book.  The review may be found at:


B. Christophe
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