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8041: When a name becomes a distraction (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

For the interest of the country one should realize
when his/her name becomes a distraction to a cause,
he/she should step back and let fresh blood carries
that task. Many might say that the people had spoken,
I will do what they ask me to do, but at what cost.
What is majority? Are we talking in numbers? Are we
really free? No doubt, the Haitian people are looking
for freedom but something is missing as Thomas
Jefferson once said, "If a nation expects to be
ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it
expects what never was and will never be." It will
take time for Haitians people to find the real freedom
and this cannot come without sacrifices. Mistreating
the poor Haitians is similar to someone who is abusing
a child symbol of innocent. Today, Haiti needs a fresh
start and it is the only way for the country to return
to normalcy. People must believe in you, do not try to
impose your will on anyone. It is understood that you
may have good intention, but if people have to think
twice or question about your stands or if you are for
real or not, it is already a bad sign. A leader should
know when to act. If you know by mentioning your name
only, many people who could have contributed will not
take part, as a real leader, step back. These people
might be your enemies, former friends, may be folks
who are jealous of you or they just don't like you, it
could have been better to step back quietly. Why
quietly, a real leader should never destroy any good
thing that had already established. What many of us
fail to understand, it does not have to be YOU. Well
you may have a great idea and you know it might be
helpful for the community or the country, just send it
out. If you have created enemies by your action or the
way you talk, you might someone who is straight
forward, if you know that prominent people are against
you and they can rally others to join them; as a
leader step back but assist them. Remember, you don't
have to be the one to do it, this is why a community
is made with thousand of people not one person. Nul
n'est indispensable, nan pwen peson ki indispansab,
tout sa ou tandé si ou pa la anyin pat fèt, se blag

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