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8043: Re: OAS' Einaudi to Discuss Haiti at IRI: Washington, DC

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Keywords: IRI, Democratic Convergence

If anyone is able to attend Friday's discussion at the International 
Republican Institute in Washington D.C., perhaps they could do us a service 
by asking for some details about the US$3 million that IRI has allegedly 
given to the Democratic Convergence. I have asked IRI's Stanley Lucas for 
more details of this claim, which I read about in the Washington Post 
newspaper, but he did not reply.

Also it would be interesting to know Mr Einaudi's view on the question of 
how the Democratic Convergence's refusal to participate in talks at the 
National Museum, because they did not like the venue, is contributing to a 
resolution of the 'crisis'.

Charles Arthur
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