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8051: population (fwd)

[Corbett notes:  This discussion grew out of one about Haiti,
not it is become more general.  This will be the only such
general post I'll put up. If any of you wish to discuss
this fascinating issue, please just contact Steven White,
but I won't post the notes to this forum which is strictly
about the country of Haiti.  Bob]

From: steven white <stevelong@spyral.net>

I find the discussion of family planning interesting because I studied
population in college.  There have been various attempts to control
population growth for about 50 years now, and many lessons have been
learned.  Where people already want to limit family size, making
contraception available is enough, and family planning efforts are very
successful.  Where social pressures are towards large families, even
strong measures such as monetary incentives have failed, which one
reason India will soon pass the one billion mark.  What works?
Educational and employment opportunities FOR WOMEN slow the birth rate
dramatically. The most amazing thing that a lower birthrate does is to
create a 'demographic windfall' in which the ratio of working age people
to children and the aged rises dramatically.  This usually creates an
economic boom as more resources are available for development.