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8057: Re: 8048: Re: 8044: voudou flag question (fwd)

From: Msiekolo@aol.com

> Grand Bois, or literally Big Wood, 

Disagreed with the literal translation as "big" sound more like "Gwo ". What 
comes to mind devalued the Nature of the Spirit. It always trouble me to see 
proper name being translated or written in another language. There is no 
doubt that the original meaning of the name or term is lost or modified.  
 I am not suggesting to keep the name "Gran Bwa " under the Creole 
orthograph. Who knows ? The Spirit might be French in origin as I understand 
the Haitian Vodou there are people  "possessed" by  / of  Lwa originating frm 
Germay...China..Vatican... You name it .
 Let me repeat it again  "Big Wood"/ "Gros Bois" does not bring out the true 
meaning of the Spirit in question. Gran Bwa seems to comply better to the 
universality and limitless  powers of the Spirit .

    This remind me of  "Mèt san non" the lwa who has claimed my friend as its 
"chwal" and was considered to be his "Mèt tèt".

           edner monsanto