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8083: Recommended book (fwd)

From: RidgeArt@aol.com

I just finished reading Hideous Dream by Stan Goff and highly recommend it as an antidote to the overblown florid prose and lack of analysis of Bob Shacochis' The Immaculate Invasion. I approached Goff's book with some scepticism. I wasn't sure I would believe in his mid-life conversion from an unwitting military tool of US monied interests to a rebel in the ranks, but he won me over. With all the discussion going on now about la Convergence Democratique and la Famille Lavalas, Goff's book about his 3-month stint as part of the 1994 military invasion is quite illuminating. Thank you, Stan, and thank you Madison Smartt Bell for your review of Stan's book in the Chicago Tribune.

Laurie Beasley
Ridge Art