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8085: Re: 8028: Travel-Tourism in Haiti (fwd)

From: "Lawrence A. Harper Sr." <lawrencesr@yahoo.com>

Please post the following:

Tite: Carnaval Tape Title Misleadning

As I posted earlier; the video tape I received which
was suppose to highlight Carnaval was totally
misleading...not even a 5 minutes of Carnaval footage
in the entire tape...

It was mentioned that we should have mentioned which
tape we wanted, music or pararde...however to the best
of my knowledge, no such difference was posted with
the tape announcement...

...I mentioned 2 a few others that they had promised a
replacement tape...but it was never shipped...

....If I were asked; I would not reccommend this
purchase to anyone else.

Lawrence A. Harper, Sr.

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