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8109: Literacy Campaign Launched (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

>From Radio Signal FM
BBC Translating Service
May 29, 2001

9. [21] President Aristide inaugurated the national literacy campaign
yesterday at the National Palace. On this occasion, eight delegations
of literacy teachers received certificates for their struggle against
illiteracy in Haiti.

Aristide announced a mobilization by the government in order to put
an end to practices linked to poverty and social prejudices. As
Aristide asked the audience: Is it impossible to achieve literacy
programmes when there are economic difficulties? They answered no.

On the same occasion, Maryse Guiteau, secretary of state for literacy,
said: "//Everything prompts us to believe that illiteracy is linked to a
scale of poverty and (?social) prejudices.//" Guiteau, who speaks of an
increasing literacy rate in the world, says: //"In Haiti, contrary to all
of speculation that our country has an excessive illiteracy rate, a recent
survey carried by the FSEA [expansion untraced], within the framework
of the Haitian-Cuban cooperation, in seven geographic departments of
the country from May to December 2000 shows an average illiteracy
rate of 55 per cent."//