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8113: Re: 8109: Literacy Campaign Launched (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

I hope that the Haitian government also thinks of LAWS, making it MANDATORY 
for all kids (the age of 5 / 6) to be registered in a school 'til the age of 
17 / 18 give them free lunch / some transportation... teaching materials 
(they can borrow from the schools they are attending and return them at the 
end of the year). There's a NEED also for the government to have their own 
PRINTING PRESS to print all teaching materials needed to help students and 
tachers making the transition.

The purpose of a real "literacy campaign" should not be just teaching people 
"papa", "kafe", "lave", "bebe"... - how to write their names and learn 
digits and then everything stops there. That's a long process to help people 
helping themselves, to live better in the society and to help that society 
also. The young generation should be the FIRST target (as the country's 
future) and again, without real LAWS supporting all this, it will be a "lave 
men siye atè", similar to those in the past.