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8123: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news -- 30 May 01 (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

1.   Haiti: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news 1800 gmt 30 May 01

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news 1800 gmt 30 May 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; May 30, 2001

>From "The World at the 1300 Thermometer" news programme; figures in brackets
indicate times in minutes elapsed since start of programme; (monitored with
frequent breaks in reception)

Senator Dany Toussaint in an interview this morning denied any
responsibility in the murder of Jean Dominique. He denounces what he calls
"a vast plot" to eliminate him from the political scene. He alleges that
Examining Judge Claudy Gassant was put in charge of carrying out this plot,
which was devised, he said, by former President Rene Preval and his justice
minister, Camille Leblanc.

The dean of the civil court, Lise Pierre-Pierre, did not rule yesterday on
the appeal submitted by the lawyers for former General Prosper Avril, who
was arrested on 26 May. Judge Pierre-Pierre said that there are other cases
that the court must address first before it can turn to Avril. The judge
also said that the Avril case is very complicated. Reynold Georges, one of
Avril's lawyers, accused the judge of violating the constitution by ignoring
the appeal.

MDN (Mobilization for National Development) leader Hubert De Ronceray issued
a communique lambasting the intransigence of the Lavalas regime, which, he
said, will lead to sanctions and isolation. The MDN communique says that the
regime is intent on establishing a single-party system governed by the
totalitarianism of scoundrels and violations of the constitution, human
rights and basic freedoms.

The joint OAS/Caricom (Caribbean Community) mission is holding a meeting now
with civil society at the Hotel Montana. OAS Secretary-General Cesar
Gaviria, who spoke yesterday at the international airport when the mission
arrived, said that he hopes that the mission will be able to find a solution
to the crisis.

Prime Minister Jean Marie Cherestal told reporters that the Haitian
government is serious about finding a solution to the crisis. He also
rejected the Convergence's allegations that Avril's arrest is politically

The court has ruled that four police officers must pay 400m gourdes to the
families of the victims of the Carrefour-Feuilles massacre, and the
government must pay the same amount. One of the police officers, Coles
Rameau, said that he does not have the means to pay his fine.

The Senate is cancelling its sessions this week in order to hold a special
session on the country's economic and political situation.

Unidentified individuals fired on a vehicle carrying missionaries of the
Catholic Relief Service. One person was killed and two injured in this
attack that occurred this morning in Delmas 29.

Agents of the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) are accused of brutality.
Students who went to the DGI to obtain identity cards for their
baccalaureate exams say they were severely beaten by DGI agents.

Source: Radio Galaxie, Port-au-Prince, in French 1800 gmt 30 May 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.