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8131: Re: 8126: Re Avril Arrest - Dorce to FAedouard (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 05/31/2001 11:48:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
FAedouard@aol.com writes:

<< I too believe that arbitrary arrest and holding people without trials, 
 as in the case of Claude Raymond and Bennett, are a clear violation of Human 
 Rights. This also applies to the hundreds of poor prisoners in Haitian jails 
 today. It simply does not matter what someone is accused of or how much he 
 hated. A fair and speedy trial is a pillar in any Democracy. Whatever 
 was accused of, as he spent years in jail without a trial until his death, 
 remains a scar on the country.  Sometime in future we will have another 
 government, another powerful leader. How can those in power today expect to 
 be treated when they've set these ugly precedents?  >>
Those are noble sentiments and I am sure they are shared by most on this 
list.  However, we are dealing with a history of injustice and poor judicial 
practices.  It didn't start with those in power today.  Changing a system 
from totally ineffective to perfect is laughable and just more propaganda 
fodder to pile on the list of reasons Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas should step 
aside for the CG folks.  Pure nonsense.  Is there ANYTHING Aristide's 
government can do that will be seen as correct and right?  I venture to say 
NO.  What screams at me from the paragraph above is the two names of wealthy 
Haitians who raped Haiti and laughed about it, assuming their impunity while 
the other poor prisoners are mentioned in passing...The wealthy never have to 
pay; at most they are exiled but with benefits.  It is right and fitting that 
they begin to pay the price for their crimes against Haiti.  Does anyone 
question their culpability?  Did the wrong men get arrested??  Yes, the 
system needs to be fixed so that the innocent do not suffer.  But let's not 
get all noble sounding about these common criminals who have gotten away with 
murder for years.  This complaint will be valid a few years from now but at 
this transitional time when the wealthy are not cooperating, and roadblocks 
are everywhere hindering justice and reform, let's work to make sure the 
SPIRIT of the law is followed and give them a break on the letter of the law. 

I know I am going to get snide remarks from those who support the 
convergence.  But right is right and wrong is wrong.....I don't care who you 
are, you have to pay if you commit crimes.  If you give me a list of Lavalas 
criminals I would tell you the same thing.  So please, let's be honest about 
motivations.  This is less about right and wrong than it is about "my side is 
better than your side."  I would love to see some true brainstorming but I 
never do......it's all chest bumping and pissing on trees.  I'm disgusted.

Kathy Dorce