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8138: Re: 8128: Re: 8121: This Week in Haiti 19:11 5/30/2001 (fwd)

From: Otello365@aol.com

This is about global capitalism.  When the US was considering going into 
Haiti in 94, many Americans couldn't understand what Haiti could possibly 
have that would cause American lives to be jeopardized.  Well, what exists 
there besides cheap labor is the lesson that must forever be taught to the 
world by the American government and corporate world.  
No one person or group in a small 3rd world country can improve the lot of 
the people without doing it the American capitalist way.  No country can 
decide its fate democratically or even anti-democratically without including 
the Americans and all the international financial institutions designed to 
perpetuate global capitalism.  Also, the fact that the Cubans have been and 
are now in Haiti proves to be an embarassment to the US and the US does not 
like to be embarassed.  So when you ask why?  Simply answer with two