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8141: Accidental post of what should have been an anonymous post

As most of you have probably seen today, Anne Fuller sent in a post
and ask for it to be sent anomyously.  However, the post was one that
came saying it had an attachment, so I wrote her and said I won't
post it until I get it in a different form.

Then I THOUGHT I deleted the note.  But, as you saw, I didn't and
actually somehow posted it to the whole list.  I am dreadfully
sorry about this very serious error.  I completely respect the
need people feel of anonymity in posting items and I will make
every effort that this never happens again.

On the other hand, if I had to err, then Anne and I were both
fortunate that the post itself, while sensitive, was not
inflamamatory or out of line.  She makes a rational case for
the view she put forward and agree or disagree with it, it
is certainly not an irresponsible ranting, but a careful and
thoughtful view.  

Anne would rather not have had her name connected with that
issue and I certainly respect that and PROFOUNDLY apologize
to her and assure the rest of you that I will take special
care it not happen again.  I'm so very sorry the error occurred,
and feel especially sad that Anne has to bear the anxiety of
this post going out under her name.

Bob Corbett